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Fastened mate is not concentric

TechnoidTechnoid Member Posts: 6
This fastened mate is not concentric with the hole it's mated to and I can't seem to fix it, except by completely redoing it. It used to be concentric, but now it's not, and it's not showing an error of any kind. I thought I was going crazy, but apparently it's Onshape that's crazy. Any idea how to prevent this? I really really can't have this happening in my assemblies without any warning. 


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    David_YL_NguyenDavid_YL_Nguyen Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 98
    Hey @henry_fiorentini,

    Can you share a (public) document so we can have a look?

    My best guess without seeing, is that you did not select the edge or internal face of the hole but the outside surface. If you made some changes to the outside geometry the center of gravity would have changed as well and therefore the position of the mate connector as well. As a result bolt and hole would not be concentric anymore. I would recommend to always select the edge of holes in this case.

    Let me know if this helps or your issue is a different one.
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    TechnoidTechnoid Member Posts: 6
    As you correctly suggested, I did select the edge of the hole, and the edge of the bolt, so they should be concentric. However, I had changed the location of the hole on that part, so it seems that the assembly simply wasn't updating to reflect the change. I was able to fix this error (sometimes) by refreshing the page, but more reliably by closing my browser window and re-opening it. This, I think, really forces a rebuild of the assembly. 

    It's... kind of unnerving that Onshape's automatic rebuild wasn't working and wasn't giving me an error to warn me, and there's apparently no option to do a manual rebuild either, short of completely closing all my work. Is there any better way to force a rebuild? 
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