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Landscape Mode in Android Mobile App

barbohwnerbarbohwner Member Posts: 2
Sorry in advance for these large pictures. 

So, I am purely a hobbyist here. There are many things about this software that I don't know, but I've been able to slowly manage my way through to try to design what I want to. 

I've been using the mobile app lately. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. It's screen is decent enough in size to get what I need done, for the most part. The app works fairly well on my phone too. There has just been one problem that has made the app a little inconvenient for me. As far as I've found out, everything about this software is amazing on my PC, laptop, and even my Samsung tablet. Now on my phone, since the screen is not as big as those other things, I seem to run out of room. As you can see in my badly sized pictures, I am trying to extrude something. The menu for extruding takes up 70% of the screen, leaving little room for me to see what this perticular extrusion does to my project. This also goes with everything in the "features" window. Then, if I accidently press the item list, my project is completely covered up.

I was thinking that maybe putting my phone in landscape mode would fix the issue, but the program would not rotate to landscape mode. When I am using the mobile app on my Samsung tablet, it will turn into landscape mode so I can stand the tablet up. But on my Samsung phone, I am stuck vertical. This issue doesn't make it too unusable, just slightly frustrating at times.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm interested to see what other ideas there might be. 

Thanks for your time. 


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    daiki_davisdaiki_davis Member Posts: 2
    It's great to hear that you are enjoying the mobile app on your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE! The issue you're experiencing with screen space in portrait mode is a common challenge on smaller devices. It sounds like utilizing landscape mode could indeed improve your user experience by providing more horizontal space for menus and features, allowing you to see more of your project. Unfortunately, not all apps automatically support landscape mode on all devices, even if they do on tablets. You might want to check if any settings within the app or on your phone could enable landscape mode. Additionally, providing feedback to the app developers about this issue could be helpful. They might be able to offer a solution or include better landscape support in future updates. Your patience and dedication as a hobbyist are commendable, and I hope a solution becomes available soon!

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