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Best source for Examples?

dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 465 ✭✭✭
Hi, everyone: again my apologies in advance if this is a dumb question.

I've been reading the documentation, and there are an awful lot of TODO's still in there. It is not complete enough for me to really understand FS well enough.

The best strategy, then, is probably to read lots of examples. Where can i find the best collection of working examples? I read a couple that were pinned to this group-- but where are some others? 

Best Answer


  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 465 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2016
    Just to help other newbies who come after me, one way to get examples is to create a part in part studio, and then view the auto-generated code. 

    Its not really great code, because most of the variable names are auto-generated, but you can get some insights about functions available. As an example, though FSDoc does not ( currently ) document the map values allowed for the extrude function, if you just create a simple cylinder via extrusion in part studio, you can see all of the options created there. 
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