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S Key

james_allison451james_allison451 Member Posts: 2
I'm trialling Onshape as an alternative to Solidworks. CAD as a SAAS is undoubtedly the future!  Am finding the S key useful and so adding shortcuts for features that don't have associated hotkeys.  Problem is there are many features commonly used that don't have associated hoykeys so ending up with a large number of 'unfamiliar' looking icons appearing when pressing the S key. A useful addition to the S key would be having the icon name appear when hovering the mouse over it.  This could be set up an an option in preferences because I suspect some experienced users may find it irritating.

Any thoughts?


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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,591 PRO
    On one hand I can see how this could be useful, but I would also question the usefulness of having a feature on the s-key menu that a user isn't "familiar" with already as it implies it's not required that often...

    I would recommend only putting things used very often on the s-key menu (and add them on an "as-needed" basis), for anything else the feature search (just hit alt+c and start typing) is a good alternative that avoids s-key menu clutter.

    Getting comfortable with the search is a must anyway as you will likely end up with a bunch of custom features (and if not you are missing out...) and there's no way you'll be able to have all of these on toolbars/shortcuts.
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