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Two parts: A and B. How to generate (A - B) and (B - A)?

TheCipsterTheCipster Member Posts: 4

I am very new to Onshape and CAD design in general and I have a question for the experts here.

One of my colleagues at work designed our team's logo and I, as a 3D printing novice, took upon myself its conversion to a 3D object to be printed.
The logo consists of two partially overlapping letters of two different colors.

The idea is to design two objects that will be printed separately and then glued together.

I managed to create two separate parts that replicate faithfully the shape of the letters. I also managed to somehow create the "carved" versions of the same
letters so that they can be later fitted together. The total height of the model is 6mm and the overlapping parts are each 3mm thick.

Another description of what I'd like to achieve is this:
  • I have two parts: A and B.
  • I need two other parts (A - B) and (B - A), each exportable as a separate STL.
  • When generating the differences the two parts must be placed in a specific relative position.
I am sure I have done it in a very convoluted way. How would the experts tackle such task?

Thanks a lo in advance.

First print:

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