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Aligning multiple derived parts by a point

grzegorz_zdanowskigrzegorz_zdanowski Member Posts: 5 EDU
edited June 29 in Using Onshape
I have a hypothetical pipes & cones that are of a different size. I want to align them in a separate part studio as derived parts. The biggest issue I'm facing is I need to align them based not on the center of the holes but based on the "bottom edge" point of the circle. What I did as a proof-of-concept to show my desired result is hand-move them in assembly ;)

The reason why I want to align them like that in another part studio is these are just small sub-parts. I want to derive them and boolean them for manufacturing.

View from the side - all aligned

These are the points I want to be in the same line

View from the side how they're aligned

Demo documenthttps://cad.onshape.com/documents/59af9c98f8f2a9bdd2b694c0/w/5644a69aac0b68dc5d5d5278/e/0e0cc3212015534e592920d9

Naturally, I can brute-force that with manual transformations (or even some clever measured variables), but this feels like a massive kludge. I tried using mate connectors and locations but no matter what I do I can never achieve alignment, but rather parts "semi randomly" rotating ;) 
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