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Duplicating/manipulating object into a variable matrix

ezra_van_turennoutezra_van_turennout Member Posts: 2

I wanted to design some custom Gridfinity matrixes(?), to not only improve my CAD skills but also get a design tweaked the way I wanted it to, before I commited to 3D printing it.

I have created this 'square base'

rOnshape - Duplicatingmanipulating object into a variable matrix

I want to be able to manipulate it into any size grid/matrix , through an input like this (that's how PinoyDIY did it, no idea if there are better ways of doing it)

rOnshape - Duplicatingmanipulating object into a variable matrix

The output generated from these prompts should look something similar to this:

rOnshape - Duplicatingmanipulating object into a variable matrix

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95REky02tWE&t=103s shows PinoyDIY using this system. I went to the document in the video's description, and couldn't figure out how he achieved it. To my knowledge a simple linear pattern wouldn't work, as some squares had special functions (edge-squares have fillets, perimeter-squares have holes, etc.). Also this would simply not work with generating the actual bins that go on top.

PinoyDIY's Document: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/a33076f9d5e90e75db5dc4c8/w/d83242a2770b1d838fcc061a/e/000632cae702373408d9c54f?renderMode=0&uiState=631b5c0d656fc27d04d0c70f 

rOnshape - Bin Example
Bin Example (6x2 grid squares)

I know PinoyDIY used 'derived' and 'variable' functions in the showcase video, but not knowing what these do, I couldn't figure anything out.

I would eventually like to also apply this to generate the bins to slot onto the grid, with the same idea.

If anyone is able to explain, or at least lead me into the right direction (what terms such a thing would be called, etc.) it would be incredibly much appreciated! :D


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