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Sweeps, helix, and sheet metal

robert_stilesrobert_stiles Member Posts: 110 PRO
Any sweep and surface experts out there? Surfaces are not something I've done lots with. I'm trying to unroll a helix, using sheet metal. Maybe I'm expecting too much. 


It works, but only with some geometry.

With a rotation of over 90, and with a helix height of 1000mm, the sweep works without "keep profile orientation" tick on. The sheet metal model seems ok with this, and a nice trapezoid flat shape comes out. 

When the rotation and helix height drop, the sweep fails. Turning on "keep profile orientation" brings it back online, but the sheet metal model fails. In fact, turning on "keep profile orientation" makes the sheet metal fail in any case. 

I'm guessing this has something to do with curvature and tolerance and cylinders and some maths I have long forgotten. But its frustrating that it almost works. It could not be a simpler surface build? should I be building it in a different way? 


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