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Why Doesn't My Part Display in Assembly

Kyler_WalkerKyler_Walker Member Posts: 200 PRO
I have a sheet metal part that I have inserted into an assembly.  Occasionally, this part fails to display in the assembly.  It part still shows up in the list of instances in the assembly, but I can't see it.  The part is not hidden.  Sometimes, it seems like refreshing the browser tab causes the part to show up, but it often doesn't.  Does anyone know why this is happening if there is anything I can do about it?  Thanks! 


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    Kyler_WalkerKyler_Walker Member Posts: 200 PRO
    I think I figured out the answer to my question.  The assembly instance is a sheet metal part, but the part studio where it was created includes a "Finish sheet metal model" feature at the end of the feature tree.  If the "Finish sheet metal model" feature is included, the sheet metal part disappears.

    Is there any reason use the "Finish sheet metal model" feature on parts that only require sheet metal features?
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    Kyler_WalkerKyler_Walker Member Posts: 200 PRO
    Never mind.  The "Finish sheet metal model" feature definitely wasn't the issue.  It must have been coincidence that the assembly instance appeared and reappeared several times when moving the roll back bar to either side of the "Finish sheet metal model" feature.  It no longer is behaving that way.  This is very frustrating.  The only way I can see my part in assembly is by editing it in context.  The context seems to update fine.
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    james_aguilar160james_aguilar160 Member Posts: 34
    Consider sharing your document so that other people can try helping you diagnose. :)
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