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Multi Config - a new feature to generate all configurations

Caden_ArmstrongCaden_Armstrong Member Posts: 65 PRO
Introducing a new feature - Multi Config. This feature set allows you to generate all (or many) possible combinations of configuration parameters for a given part or part studio.
For configuration variables, the user simply has to add each possible value that they want to include in the matrix of configuration parameters.

A couple notes about this feature:

- Be careful with regen time. If a part takes 5 seconds to regen, and you generate 100 configurations - the result will take 500 seconds.
- This feature requires both halves (the setup and the generator). This is a weird quirk I had to work around to get the UI to function. 
- Configuration table names will have internal IDs instead of the user facing one, but the user manual shows how to find the names (or change them).

You can check out a public demo of it here
You can grab it here on fs.place

www.smartbenchsoftware.com --- fs.place --- Renaissance
Custom FeatureScript and Onshape Integrated Applications


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    jelte_steur814jelte_steur814 Member Posts: 109 PRO
    edited July 10
    Awesome!!  I've been pondering about a feature like this but never went through with it. 

    Especially useful for an export of all configurations in one go!!!
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    Caden_ArmstrongCaden_Armstrong Member Posts: 65 PRO
    My app Renaissance is able to export all configurations in one go, which is part of the reason why I thought configurations were more of an API thing.

    I think one of the values of this is to quickly check if any configurations "don't work". A quick visual check for anything that is non-conforming or isn't working as intended. 
    www.smartbenchsoftware.com --- fs.place --- Renaissance
    Custom FeatureScript and Onshape Integrated Applications
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    MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,774 PRO

    It's been a while since anyone has released a fascinating feature. This is pretty cool!

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