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I'm not sure why this assembly is breaking

jack_ellis462jack_ellis462 Member Posts: 5 EDU
<span>I'm having a weird issue with one of my assemblies. The assembly appears to work perfectly well on its own but when inserted into another assembly (within the same document) it immedietly gives errors.<br><a href="https://youtu.be/1W63okB6Mu0" title="Link: https://youtu.be/1W63okB6Mu0">Youtube video showing the issue</a><br></span>Document Link (Viewable, exportable)


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    nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member, csevp Posts: 749 PRO
    edited July 8
    A lot of components are floating around. The general idea with multiple level of subassemblies that is very robust is the following:

    Each subasm has an explicit MC at its origin. Name it something like printer sub mc, shelf sub mc, etc. Mate the main instance's origin MC (created in the part studio) to that mc. Mate any other instance to it as well, if it makes sense. Or mate those other instances to the main instance if that makes more sense.

    Repeat the above for each subasm.

    In the top level asm, make an explicit MC as its first feature. Now, bring in each subasm. Mate the explicit MC of the first sub (let's say the most important one), to the explicit MC of the top level asm. Do the same for the other subs (if it makes sense). Or, mate the other subs to the first sub (if that makes more sense).
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