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Moving a text box by dimensioning it relative to another object changes the size of the text

frank_paynterfrank_paynter Member Posts: 17
I have a text box on an object and the box is sized to get the text size I want.  However, If I move the text box by anchoring it to some other entity, this also changes the size of the text box (and the text).  In the images below, I have a text box "6x19 V1" anchored to the edge of the blue object at a distance of 3mm.  However, if I change the distance from 3 to 2mm, this also changes the size of the text.  This looks like a bug, as changing the distance of an entity from another entity should not affect the size of either entity.


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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,560 PRO
    If you don't want anything to accidentally change, you need the sketch to be black. It looks like you don't have anything constraining the position left/right (with respect to the text). You should tie all this down unless you want to be able to drag the text visually first, and then add a dimension.
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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,636 PRO
    Not a bug: you didn't define the size of the text so it's free to resize. Add a dimension on the text "box" height (or width if that's the important one...) to keep it the same.
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