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Drive a configured feature from a variable

Richard_InvRichard_Inv Member Posts: 12 PRO
I want to have a configured feature (in this case, a Frames Tool profile) use different profiles depending on the length of the part.
#length is controlled by a configuration variable the user can adjust.
For the sake of example, I'd like to have the configured Frames Tool profile use Profile 1 when #length is greater than 4m, and Profile 2 when less than 4m.

Is something like this possible? Rather than having the user select a configuration for Profile 1 or Profile 2, I want it to happen behind the scenes based on what they enter for #lenght 


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    robert_scott_jr_robert_scott_jr_ Member Posts: 392 ✭✭✭
    edited July 9
    What you might be able to do is to create an extrude for each profile and in the configuration panel create a  checkbox column for each extrude feature and opt to suppress or unsuppress the proper extrude based on length. - Scotty

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