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Auto dimensions using variables

graham_lockgraham_lock Member Posts: 36 PRO

When adding sketch entities the dimension boxes only seem to enable when a numeric character is entered, it would be nice if they also enabled when the # or an alpha key is pressed to allow variables to be entered? 

Currently I type a 0, backspace and then enter the variable name.

Maybe I’m missing something?



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    martin_kopplowmartin_kopplow Member Posts: 393 PRO
    If you create the sketch entity, then type # instead of and 0, there will be a new variable, or existing ones to choose from.
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    graham_lockgraham_lock Member Posts: 36 PRO
    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I may be missing something.

    If I draw a simple rectangle (g), drag it out, LMB then the first dimension box highlights. At that point if I enter a numeric character all is fine. If however I enter a # nothing happens and if I enter an alpha character the result depends on the character, for example I have variables beginning with W, if I press W then I'm prompted with 'Drag to create zoom bounding box'.

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    robert_scott_jr_robert_scott_jr_ Member Posts: 392 ✭✭✭
    That's been the source of many 'dang it' moments for me. I hit the # key and off goes the sketch to some other orientation. I suppose the # key is a shortcut as well as the W (Zoom to window) in your case. I try to remember to put a digit in the box and then delete it and carry on from there.- Scotty
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    graham_lockgraham_lock Member Posts: 36 PRO
    Yep - digit then delete. As yet I haven't had the # key change orientation, it doesn't seem to do anything.
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