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Make New Project and Export Easier to Discover

OnShape is a great way to learn 3D design. I would ask that you improve two areas for first time users - New & Export. After opening a new account it is great you showcase the tutorials, but it isn't obvious how you create a new project once you are in an existing one. The CREATE button is gone once you enter a project and getting back to that page isn't obvious. The + icon in the lower left corner is just for tabs. The UI functionality of clicking the Onshore logo is non-obvious that it will close your project and return you. At a minimum add a triangle twirl down to see options for close and new, but I would look at keeping CREATE always exposed.

After a user creates their object they want to actually use it. I like your SHARE button, but since most folks are motivated to take their 3D object to the real world I would either expand the concept of SHARE to include Export functionality and workflow mapping thru other app store options (the way iOS has a Share arrow icon) or add Export as a button.

The current method of selecting the part in the panel and getting a right click for EXPORT is way too hidden! This is old school thinking with users having no clue as to the various export formats. I would roll it into the SHARE icon you always have visible (with a tool tip saying export when you mouse over it). If SHARE had share with other users and share project in other formats you could then list the various export formats with an explanation of what PARTNERS support that format. If I saw 3D printing STL format and a description of how this format is commonly used for 3D printers along with partner links to open the STL in Cura or Makerware you would make the process much easier and fluid. It would also allow you to improve your developer SDK/API so that the workflow for creating and exporting projects to various CNC machines would be seamless (Tormach, Makerbot, etc - where is ShopBot?).


  • _Ðave__Ðave_ Member, Developers Posts: 712 ✭✭✭✭
    I like the idea of being able to create a new document from an open document. I also feel the the create new document should open and create in a new browser tab.

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