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getting hard to snap dimensions to a centrepoint used multiple times?

fightingtorquefightingtorque OS Professional Posts: 10 PRO
I'm using the 2 point linear dimension tool and I need to dimension several radial holes from a common centre, which I have marked using the centrepoint function.   At first it went fine, snapping to the centre point and adding dimensions, but it seems as though the more I add, the harder it gets for Onshape to find the snap point?

  It appeared to help by adding an additional centre point in the same place (why would that make a difference?).  On one view I've got it done, on the other I still have some holes I can't get it to dimension so I think I will just create an additional sheet.

I just want to make this drawing with the dimensions marked in order to go back to the components and recheck (remeasure) them before sending the file for laser cutting.  These hole centre dimensions were made by measuring existing holes and then subrtacting or adding the hole radius, there's plenty of option to make an error so a final check seems a good idea.

It's an adaptor plate to mate an engine and transmission that don't match,

New to onshape (1 week) and loving it.


  • john_mcculloughjohn_mccullough Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 38
    Welcome to Onshape Gavin. There could be something unusual with your geometry leading to a problem which we have not seen yet. I recommend filing a support ticket and sharing that drawing with support if possible. 

    Adding a centermark should not have any impact on selecting the center of the circle. My best advice is if you are having trouble picking the center of a circle: be sure to briefly hover the cursor over the edge of the circle first to "wake up" the circle center.  
  • fightingtorquefightingtorque OS Professional Posts: 10 PRO
    Thanks John, I'll do that.

    i did notice the "waking up" seemed to help.

    My first onshape designed parts are now out for laser cutting.

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