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UI Request: Non-overlapping "FeatureScript notices" and "Search for"

Emily_Qi_WangEmily_Qi_Wang Member Posts: 13 EDU
Would it be possible for the FeatureScript notices flyout and "Search for" dialog (activated via command/control-F) to not overlap? 

It seems like the "Search for" dialog is a fixed size, while the FeatureScript notices flyout height varies on how many errors or warnings currently exist. Maybe the "Search for" dialog could stay as is while the FeatureScript notices could be placed immediately below (rather than on top of) it?

If there is a concern on how the FeatureScript notices flyout would look strange when the "Search for" dialog isn't open, then the FeatureScript notices flyout could stay as is until the user hits command/control-F. Then, the "Search for" dialog could "bump down" the FeatureScript notices flyout so the two elements are not overlapping.

This request isn't urgent to our current FS project work but seems quick enough to fix with some CSS. I frequently find myself in the scenario where I get a FeatureScript error and then needing to search for a variable or something that I think is the problem. I also like to keep the FeatureScript notices flyout open in general (i.e. switching between the Part Studio and Feature Studio tabs) when I am debugging and want to see the printouts from the debug function. 
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