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silencing benign warnings

adamohernadamohern Member, OS Professional Posts: 216 PRO
Loving FS so much, you guys.

I know Ilya and I discussed this privately at some point, but I'm struggling with debugging and wanted to reiterate it for the record: we really need a way to silence the piles of benign warnings that FS throws with failed try() statements. Right now I'm working on a few relatively simple FS scripts, but each of these useless warning takes up a total of eight (8!) lines of debug output space, so that I often have to scroll just to find the specific printout or error message I'm looking for. The problem is exacerbated by multi-tab documents where each tab displays its warnings, even if it's not the tab you're currently viewing. Yes, you can collapse them. But it's a lot of monkey work to manually collapse a few dozen tabs and warnings every time you want to debug something.

Maybe just a toggle button in the header of the "FeatureScript notices" window that can disable warnings, and instead only show actual full-stop failures, debug() calls, and println() calls. You could keep the warnings visible by default, but at least then I could quickly turn them all off.

Similarly, it would be great to have a toggle for showing only the front-most tab. I often have dozens of tabs in even a very simple project, so displaying them all by default is really frustrating.


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    ilya_baranilya_baran Onshape Employees, Developers, HDM Posts: 1,185
    We have this logged -- I'm thinking of having some sort of silent-try keyword that suppresses warnings inside.
    Ilya Baran \ VP, Architecture and FeatureScript \ Onshape Inc
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