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best practise for changing dimensions of imported STL

craig_mcinnes444craig_mcinnes444 Member Posts: 2
I have imported an STL file of some aluminium 20x20 profile.  This part defaults to 1000mm long.  I believe trying to scale a part of different lengths was the wrong way to go, and I should make multiple parts of all the lengths I need?

If that's true, how do I go about this?  I created a sketch and used the "use/project" tool to get the end profile of the 20x20 onto a new sketch.
From there I extruded it to create a small 100 mm piece.
But I struggled to see the best way forward with creating lots of different lengths from it.  I tried copying the sketch, but got myself into trouble.

Am I heading down the right path for such a task?

Thanks in advance for your time and replies.
Best Regards
Craig McInnes


  • Narayan_KNarayan_K Member Posts: 379 ✭✭✭
    @ craig_mcinnes444 ,I think you can import STL file to one document and project the cross section using "Use' command(as you mentioned).
    Now create another part studio and derive the sketch you projected and extrude to required length.
    Repeat the step by creating another part studio.

  • craig_mcinnes444craig_mcinnes444 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Narayan_K,  I think I managed something else a little different too, which I will share.

    I continually extruded and same sketch over and over choosing to make a new part each time, so I quickly created 50, 250 and 500mm lengths as new parts.
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