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given face query, find corresponding face on duplicate body after opPattern

adamohernadamohern Member, OS Professional Posts: 216 PRO
I'm using opPattern to create an exact duplicate of a couple of bodies. The user has selected a face on those bodies as well. How do I find the corresponding face between the original (the one the user selected) and the duplicate body created by the opPattern?


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    lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 703
    You can use tracking query:
    var trackFaceQuery = startTracking(context, selectedFaceQuery);
    var patternedFaces = evaluateQuery(context, trackFaceQuery);

    It is a little tricky to recognize the pattern instance to which the resulting faces belong.
    In case of body pattern, you get nInstances - 1 face in order corresponding to the order of the instances.
    I have a task of making it easier to recognize pattern instance
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