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Angled surface diameter

jose_juniorjose_junior Member Posts: 1

One of my parts is made of sheet metal, since we don't exactly have tooling for that what I did was to model the bend as a sketch and extrude it. Works fine, except that one of faces that is bent 105 degrees has a hole on it (made by creating a different sketch and extruding it to remove). This also works well. 

Problem: when creating drawings from the parts I can't use the diameter tool to size that hole. When I look at the views I can notice that they are being viewed by a 90 degree angle so it's not really a circle. Is there a way to add a view of that angled part that is perpendicular to the side so the hole can be measured?

Am I doing something wrong? (Aside from shoehorning sheet metal design). :)
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