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WebGL Issues - Samsung Galaxy Tab S

julian_hardyjulian_hardy Member Posts: 8
I have installed the OnShape Android App onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab S (Model SM-T700, 8.4" screen, stock Samsung Android 5.0.2). The app works fine in the 3D modelling spaces, but whenever I try to view a Drawing tab, it gives the message "Your browser does not support WebGL". 

I have installed Chrome as my default browser; it is up to date, and get.webgl.org confirms that WebGL runs properly. I've even checked that WebGL works with the default "Internet" browser app which is pre-installed (but which I do not use).

Is there something else I need to do to get the Drawings tabs to work properly?


  • julian_hardyjulian_hardy Member Posts: 8

    Does anyone know anything about the WebGL issue preventing me from viewing drawings on the Samsung Tab S?
  • rbaekrbaek Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 77
    @julian_hardy Are you installing the app through the Google Play store
    If so, you would need to open the Onshape app instead of opening the Chrome app.
    Web browsers on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) are not optimized to use WebGL (even though tests will indicate otherwise), and that includes Chrome.
    We have iOS and Android apps that acts like a native browser and allows users to use the product in its entirety.

    Please try the Onshape app and view the drawing.
  • julian_hardyjulian_hardy Member Posts: 8
    I am using the official OnShape app for Android, installed through the Google Play store. I am NOT trying to access OnShape via the browser, but the error message is generated inside the OnShape app whenever I try to access a Drawing tab.
    I wonder if perhaps the OnShape app is trying to access some system-level browser component? However, it is strange that this error message appears on my Samsung Tab S, but I had no such problems on my previous Android tablet (a Dell Venue 8 7000).
  • rbaekrbaek Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 77
    Hi @julian_hardy , I was able to reproduce the issue you are seeing on the same device; we've opened a support ticket for you so we can investigate this further.
  • julian_hardyjulian_hardy Member Posts: 8
    My tablet just got updated to Android Marshmallow 6, and the drawing feature now works as expected.  Not sure whether the App has been updated recently,  but I no longer have any issues. 
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