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Storage Size upon Export

cedric_jacobcedric_jacob Member Posts: 1
For some reason it seems that my data usage for a part goes up dramatically if I export it (for example, to send to someone who needs a step file).

As a result my storage has filled up really fast. Is there a cache of "converted parts" somewhere I can clear?



  • viruviru Member, Developers Posts: 619 ✭✭✭✭
    @cedric_jacob, Currently this facility is not available in Onshape. You can raise improvement request for this. In near future we hope that this facility will be provided by Onshape. till time you can use below work around.
    -First way to reduce the file size is make a copy of your document, this will purge all your version/history . Remember to also empty the trash, the files there count up in your storage. Lastly as you are already above the limit it probably wont allow you to make a copy privately, so make the file you want to copy public a few seconds while you copy the file.
    -Making a document (temporarily) public seems to be the second way to reduce its size if you are over the free plan limits.
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