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Can we get improved thread functionality?

jeroen_grossjeroen_gross Member Posts: 1
Is it possible to create a (metric) thread function that does not have fixed values but rather builds up thread according to the relations between pitch and nominal diameter? In this way there is no need for Onshape to put in the many hundreds of possibilities that are out there (and which I now need to continue my work :-) ). Attached image shows the relation between geometry, nominal diameter and pitch.

Having a function that 'cuts' internal (and possibly external) threads based on nominal diameter and pitch would be great. BTW I personally do not care about visual thread. I need a drilled hole (size=nominal-pitch) and an annotation displaying the correct thread and pitch on my drawing.

Thank you very much.


  • peter_morrispeter_morris Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
    I too would like better handling of threads.  I'm an amateur model maker, but still want professional looking drawings to work from.  I've managed to create both internal and external threads using the profile shown in the previous post.  But when creating a drawing OS does so in fine detail, which is usually a good thing, but for a thread it results in black areas that fail to convey the intent.  Aligned with this requirement would be a facility in the drawing for the dimension tool to understand the thread and represent it correctly - at present, because the top of the thread is a helix, the tool is simply confused and does nothing.

    Many thanks.
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