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How do you prevent parts such as gears from moving through each other in an assembly when rototatin?

joshua_chajoshua_cha Member Posts: 1
I'm having trouble preventing my parts that rotate from  moving through each other any solutions to this?


  • seaelemseaelem Member, Developers Posts: 6 ✭✭
    Hi Joshua,

    As I understand it one of the key things about using OnShape is when to use Part Studios vs. Assemblies.  See the link to a tech tip blog article which does a good job of explaining.

    The answer of course is "motion".  When you want parts to move relative to each other you should use an assembly rather than the part studio.

    So assuming that you do use an assembly, there's a handy "Gear relation" tool for doing exactly what you're after in the tool bar at the top - see red circled area in the screenshot below.

    Hope this helps.

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