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A couple of initial notes from iOS on an iPhone 6+

james_mcpherson11762james_mcpherson11762 Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
First: AMAZING. I never thought I'd be able to actually do real CAD on an iPhone during lunch. The app really surpassed my expectations of what was possible with just a touch screen.

I do have a few little nits though:
1. I wish that it was more difficult to "twiddle" during a 2D sketch. I find my self accidentally changing the perspective very often. A "lock perspective to view" check box would be super helpful.
2. I wish that there were a "favorites" button bar adjacent to the "construction" button where I could put the most used features instead of having to hit the 3x3 cube each time. For instance, I'd like to have dimensioning be available at all times.
3. No landscape mode on the iPhone 6+? It would be nice.

That's all for now, man it's a neat app, I haven't been this excited about CAD in a long time.



  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 22

    Thanks for using iPhone app and sharing your great insights. We are aware of the all the three issues you mentioned and happy to say they are part of our near term plans.

    We have been thinking and experimenting a lot of issue #1. This is top of our development list. We are thinking more broadly and trying to solve the rotation, zoom and selection problem more intuitive way. Hope to get something out soon on this.

    We made one orientation decision in pre-iPhone 6 days based iPhone 5 screen size and also to minimize variations for our first release. We will be allowing landscape mode soon. 

    Keep CADding and send us your feedback!

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