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Mate two parts

shai_perednikshai_perednik Member Posts: 54 ✭✭
I'm trying to mate a shaft to a mount and no matter how I mate them, the parts are always 45deg off and the screw holes don't line up.  Someone in the past had suggested rotating one of the parts which works as pictured below:

But then breaks when it's brought into the final assembly:

Here's the two parts for reference.  The center of the shaft and the 4 screw holes should always line up and never move.   (like pictured in the 1st image)

I did try to fasten mates, but I get an error that I violated the assembly.

Thank you for the help!
2.PNG 151.4K
1.PNG 107K
3.PNG 170.8K
4.PNG 180.1K


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