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Learn Onshape and get a free professional license of SimLab Composer.

simlab_softsimlab_soft Member, Developers Posts: 2

SimLab Composer 7 includes a library of top quality 3D models that users can use to complete 3D scenes. SimLab Soft worked with top quality 3D designers to create this library.

While the user has access to 3D models and materials from different sources, we believe the 3D library in SimLab Composer 7 is a great addition for the following reasons:
  • It only includes top-quality models.
  • Saves the user a significant amount of time.
  • Full freedom for SimLab Composer user, simply the user cannot distribute the 3D model with another application or on a website, other than that, the user has full freedom to use it in rendering, animation, 3D PDF, and WebGL.
  • Fully assigned SimLab materials which makes using them very fast to use.
  • Complete scenes that can be used for users to learn lightening in SimLab Composer.
  • Different light sources in the 3D library ready to be used with your scene.[/list]

SimLab 3D Exchange program was created to give talented 3D designers the option to exchange top quality 3D models for a free professional license of SimLab Composer.

So they get the license in exchange of benefiting the SimLab Composer community.

The program is very easy to use, and is explained in the following link

Are creating great Onshape models?
Do you know a top quality 3D designer who can benefit from the program?
Please help us reach top quality 3D designers.

Following are samples of the 3D models included in SimLab Composer 3D Library

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