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set points coincident

mlml Member Posts: 53 PRO
edited July 2016 in Community Support
while not satisfied with the dxf import: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/4356/imported-dxf-problems#latest
i would like to try it with a featurescript solution: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/150b4b8582755bae310054ab/w/e7f86ea4d976b93e892239e1/e/ae4e6be500f0024054ffe3f8

first, why will the sketch entities disappears after closing the box - the script does not anything?

would be nice if anyone could give me some hints for the questions in the action part. could not find a good entry point.
// get start and end point coordinates
// calculate the distances: start1 - start2, start1 - end2, end1 - start2, end1 - end2
// if one is smaller than range
// set them coincident on the sketch

thanks in advance

ps: never get a category filter to select - even now in edit mode - so it is at the wrong place. sorry for that


  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 447 ✭✭✭
    @ml I've tackled this problem already-- and I've got some cool tools that ease the pain. PM me and we can talk more about what you're trying to do.
    I ran into this problem importing 1300 or so AISC drawings, and 1000k 8020 DXF drawings ( many of which were riddled with issues).  Now they are all clean, as you can see in these two featurescripts:


    I can help you as well with your project.

  • mlml Member Posts: 53 PRO
    @dave_cowden thank you for your replay.
    in the meantime i was able with a featurescript to detect the points to set coincident - see original link above to the document.
    now i need an input how to set them coincident in featurescript.

    or, a featurescript that do this and allready exists. importing a dxf into a new sketch would also be fine.

    are you willing to share yours, or a stripped version?


  • dave_cowdendave_cowden Member, Developers Posts: 447 ✭✭✭
    @ml my code isn't Featurescript, it's actually python that generates clean and compact  Featurescript by parsing dxf files.

    If you are interested, PM me some sample drawings, and I will convert them and you can see how you like them.

    The input is a bunch of dxf files, the output is a Featurescript that allows you to choose one of them by name and use it to extrude or cut or whatever. 

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