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Video of simulation

bert_fouriebert_fourie Member Posts: 101 PRO
Is there a way to get a video of a simulation happening in Assembly? Can an auto sequence be specified?


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    colemancoleman OS Professional Posts: 244 ✭✭✭
    You can animate a mate.....
    This is a very limited feature at this point.  I too am looking forward to more advanced animation.  
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    malay_kumarmalay_kumar Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 93
    We thought video capture can be done using external application. 

    @coleman @bert_fourie Can you please list kind of features you would like in animation (ordered by priority if possible). 
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    colemancoleman OS Professional Posts: 244 ✭✭✭

    I think with onshape collaboration capabilities, an animation feature set will fit perfectly in the onshape package. 

    Basic key-framing to animate assemblies would be nice.  
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    bert_fouriebert_fourie Member Posts: 101 PRO
    I used a piece of free software called "Screen Capturer". It worked fine and relatively painlessly, but who knows what other gimmicks is now installed on my computer! I tried several applications and this one was the best of the lot. In Onshape I chose the primary rotary relationship, set angular limits, ran a simulation and used Screen Capture to capture a movie at 10 frames/second - the result was good.

    I would propose the good folk at Onshape talk to Simsolid - they have an in-build capturing capability which works well - maybe Onshape can "borrow" from them?
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