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Exporting solid

AlvaroAlvaro Member Posts: 2
Hi, I would like to export to a STEP or Parasolid file so I can import into Mastercam.  It seems like from the partners page, Mcam integration might be in the works. To make somethign right now with the product I would need to export though. STL is ok for printing or even surface toolpaths, but prismatic parts I need a generic file.  Is there a way to export anything other than a DXF of a face or an STL of  the entire part???



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    elifelif Onshape Employees Posts: 50
    Hi Alvaro,
    You can right click on the part studio tab (at the bottom of the page) and choose "Translate". You can translate to multiple formats which would appear as new tabs in your document. You can then right click on these new tabs and download the translated files. (https://cad.onshape.com/help/#translation.htm)
    Team Lead, Part Studios
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    AlvaroAlvaro Member Posts: 2
    Thanks!!! That completely solves the issue. Awesome!

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    bruce_bellbruce_bell Member Posts: 2
    I'm having issues importing STEP files to my CAM system Visual Mill.  I can Export a STEP file from the Part Studio no problem but when I bring it in to Visual Mill its just a few surfaces. I have exported STEP files from other CAD systems and have not had an issue. Has anyone else reported a similar issue?
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