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Mirror plane part appears in drawing while it's hidden in the part studio

shaddy_eldesoukyshaddy_eldesouky Member Posts: 6
edited August 2016 in Drawings
The unwanted mirror plane part appears in drawing while it's hidden in the part studio, I right clicked on the part studio tab and created a drawing of the hole part studio and I had the drawing of all parts in the studio including the hidden parts that I don't want to show, but I can't simply delete the part because in the case of the mirror plane I created a separate part specially to use one of it's faces as a mirror plane and if I deleted it I will lose my mirror plane( the thing that I already hate from the beginning, why not choose one of the main axis xyz and a certain distance to mirror a part, and as a second option if you are mirroring away from the main three axis use  a mirror plane) :/

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