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Onshape perpetually hangs on 'Loading drawing'

dylan_gunndylan_gunn Member Posts: 6 EDU
Hi, this is my first forum post so please forgive me if it's in the wrong location.

For the past couple of days I have been almost completely unable to access any of my 2D drawings.  I have been making updates to a part studio that contains approximately 20 custom parts and a large number of purchased parts, primarily imported CAD files from McMaster.

My edits to the part studio are now complete, and I need to update the 2D files for release to production.  I began this process yesterday afternoon (say 4pm, Vancouver, Canada) but quickly ran into trouble.  While I have been able to update a few drawings, Onshape often hangs indefinitely when I open the drawing tab for a particular part, with a spinning wheel in the center and the message 'Loading drawing'.  Clicking the yellow circular icon to update to the newest part has no impact.

Today the problem is much worse and I have only been able to access a single drawing (11am Vancouver).  When I try to make edits, however, it hangs perpetually with the small spinning circle.

I have tried both Chrome and Firefox, with no difference between the two.  A colleague in Ontario is also experiencing the same issue.  The model has not changed that significantly, and my internet connection is fine.  I have tried restarting, reloading, etc.  I cannot share the confidential design files.

I see in the forums that Onshape has reported issues with drawings in Europe, but nothing in North America.  Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

This couldn't come at a worse time as we have a production schedule lined up and the shop is sitting idle waiting for parts.  I really do like Onshape and I think it holds tremendous promise, but these sorts of sporadic issues make me very nervous about further committing to this platform.

Any assistance or suggestions is appreciated.


  • viruviru Member, Developers Posts: 619 ✭✭✭✭
    @dylan_gunn, Generally it is not happening. Can you please open a support ticket and give some more details to Onshape support team they definitely help you.
    If you would like help with a document or you have encountered a bug, you opt to Share the document with Onshape support by clicking the Share with Onshape support toggle button at the bottom left of the dialog. When shared, the toggle button turns blue.

    When a document is shared with Onshape support, the Share toggle button turns blue; at any time you can unshare the document with Onshape support by clicking the toggle link again.

  • dylan_gunndylan_gunn Member Posts: 6 EDU
    Hi @viru - sorry for the slow response.  I contacted support and had a long discussion about the issue.  They found two hanging sessions on my account and ended these, but the timing wasn't correct to explain the issue.

    I have finished with drawings for now but will keep an eye out for the issue and share the relevant files with support if I see the issue come up again.
  • martin_cooper667martin_cooper667 Member Posts: 6 PRO
    I am waiting tens of minutes between section view updates, 

    refreshing the page results in multiple logged in users (All of which are myself) and a perpetual loadscreen
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