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Pipe Flanges FeatureScript

wayne_jayeswayne_jayes Member Posts: 13 PRO
Some months ago I created a Featurescript to create PN10 Plate flanges, and it works well and I'm happy with it.  I would like to extend the script to create other types of flanges, my specific need at the moment is for  weld neck flanges #300.  I would eventually like the script to be close to universal, with options for various flange forms and pressure ratings.

Although I successfully coded the PN10 plate flange script I am finding coding in FeatureScript very challenging, the error messages are cryptic (even more than normal) and the language reference is obscure (even more than normal).  Would anyone care to collaborate with me on this, I am willing to put the basic data tables in a format that FeatureScript and help with the basic architecture of the script, so I looking for someone to work with who can do the coding without getting too frustrated.

The PN10 plate flange script can be seen here https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6bb2eebbab56b72efe65a70c/w/53d673170fe0b934ba72ac04/e/b95aa5925a5b3bc25c53bc4f



  • ilya_baranilya_baran Onshape Employees, Developers, HDM Posts: 1,137
    This forum is a great place to ask for help if you get stuck and let us know what can be clarified.
    Ilya Baran \ VP, Architecture and FeatureScript \ Onshape Inc
  • mahirmahir Member, Developers Posts: 1,265 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @wayne_jayes, I'd be happy to take a look.
  • Edgar_PerezEdgar_Perez Member Posts: 4 PRO
    If my understanding is correct, we can't invoke a custom feature when working in the assembly tab. Are you planning to make one pipe spool per part studio and then connect all the spools in the assembly to complete the piping system. One way to do piping design with Onshape is to have the pipe route as a wireframe in a sketch and add all the piping components in the assembly by calling out the configuration of the desired standard piping component. Treat each spool as a child assembly including only shop fabricated items. Then there will be a parent assembly where everything is bolted or field welded. Also, creating a configurable part allow better quality control, meaning is easier to verify if the dimensions are per the governing standard.

  • mahirmahir Member, Developers Posts: 1,265 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Edgar_Perez This post was from over 5 years ago. The ship has probably sailed  :)
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