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delete branch

mlml Member Posts: 53 PRO
how to delete a branch? I've red about it in the forum but did not find any help. Neither a context menu nor in the header of the version box.
the branch has no modifications but it is versioned. so on top it states: Versions are view only



  • TimRiceTimRice Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 315
    It is possible to delete a branch only when it is the active branch. Take a look at the screenshot to see what I mean:

    Tim Rice | User Experience | Support 
    Onshape, Inc.
  • mlml Member Posts: 53 PRO
    edited October 2016
    thx, but get no delete in the context menu even when it ist active...

    because it is view only I cant made changes to look if this changes the behaviour...
    1.png 29.6K
  • TimRiceTimRice Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 315
    Oops, thank you for clarifying! Currently Onshape does not support deleting versions. Out of curiosity, how does deleting the version fit in to your workflow? Can the version be ignored? or is the version number important?
    Tim Rice | User Experience | Support 
    Onshape, Inc.
  • mlml Member Posts: 53 PRO
    ok, thank you.

    I made the version mistakely and it is for no reason or use there. so it can be easily ignored. i just like to clean up things to avoid confusion later.
  • TimRiceTimRice Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 315
    It can never hurt to have more versions than necessary (besides for organization, as you mentioned).
    Tim Rice | User Experience | Support 
    Onshape, Inc.
  • stevehessstevehess Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 98
    Hi @ml
    To be clear, you can delete a workspace at the end of a branch. As @timrice mentioned, versions cannot be deleted. 
     I just wanted to add that bit of clarification.
    Steve Hess \ Onshape Inc.
  • Olesia_LozovskaOlesia_Lozovska Member Posts: 5
    Same here :(  I would like to delete the created version in a new branch....to avoid misundeerstanding in future while updayting my stuff... Id like to have it neat )) 
  • romeograhamromeograham Member, Simulation EVP Posts: 606 PRO
    Once you've determined that you no longer need a branch, and you don't want that branch updating every time Onshape pushes an update, the best way I've found to manage unneeded branches is:
    1. Create a Version at the last change on the branch you want to delete. 
    2. Name the Version either the same as the Workspace name, or a descriptive name that will help you remember later what the branch was for. If you Merged that branch into the Main, I sometimes include "MERGED TO MAIN" in the name of the Version, or certainly mention it in the description. 
    3. Delete the Workspace at the end of the Branch.
    This tidies up the Version tree, retains your design / development process, and eliminates the updating of unneeded Workspaces. Remember, you can always go back and create a new Workspace branch from that Version if needed.

    If you are using a Branch for a very temporary side exploration, make sure to Merge back to the Main branch, do NOT make a Version, then you can delete the branched workspace if you need to.

    In the History, you can see the Merge in the Main (the target of the Merge) but not in the Branch (the source of the Merge):

    However, as @TimRice said above, it doesn't hurt to have many Versions along the way.

    Good luck!

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