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CNC engineer is asking for a layered DXF, I can't figure out how to produce that

Gary_UnderwoodGary_Underwood Member Posts: 1 PRO
edited November 2016 in Community Support
Hi, I have a 2.5D CNC project that I've been prototyping on my X-Carve by exporting individual layers as DXFs and going through an overcomplicated process of converting them to SVG shapes in illustrator for Easel, the consumer-level CAM software for the X-Carve. It's tedious but it works.

I am producing a small run of these projects, bootstrapped with few resources. A cabinetmaker has agreed to CNC the project, but their engineer uses a combination of TurboCAD and a proprietary 2D only CAM software that came with their machine. I don't really have access to the engineer aside from brief calls on the phone so I can't take much of his time to develop a pipeline. What they want is a layered DXF or similar, where they can assign tools for each layer and presumably the depth of the cuts. 

I have been trying to figure out some software or plugin for Onshape that will let me take one projection from my project and convert it into the layered DXF that they need. While i'm quite comfortable in OnShape by now I've been a little daunted trying to teach myself TurboCAD on their reccomendation. Does anyone have a suggestion of how I can get this pipeline set u
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