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STL Export Scaling Problem

I have used Onshape for a year or so and my export always worked fine. I have not used it in a couple months and now my STL export are coming out very small. I am working in milimeter. I have checked the workspace settings. Is there somewhere else for me to check. It does seem to be a 25.4 scaling problem.
Tom B.


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    robert_morrisrobert_morris OS Professional, Developers Posts: 167 PRO
    I would check the units of the program you are importing into.

    STL file don't specify what the units (inches, millimeters, ...) of a model are, they only say how many units high, wide, etc. the part is.
    When you export it from Onshape there should be an option for the units in the dialog. Set that to the units you want to use, and then when you import it into the other program, make sure it imports using the same unit type.

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