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Tangent edges


Could I select or project onto a sketch an contour which contain many lines/arcs/splines tangent between them? Example: If you want to select an edge for fillet command, it is selected all tangent contour, so I would like to select that contour when I want to project it with Use command in a sketch, to be used afterwards in a sweep command as a trajectory.
I think is not so hard to implement this option with a Shift/CTRL combination when select edges to force selection in tangent propagation mode.
It is about a similar CATIA command "Extract" with options: single edge/ tangent propagation/ in plane.

Other problem with tangent lines is in view mode. I would like to hide only tangent edges when shade mode is active. Something like in CATIA option "Shading with edges without smooth edges".

If this options are not available in OnShape, maybe it would be good to be implemented for future versions.

Thank you for your answer.

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