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Onshape + Cheap Programmable Mouse = Excellent

owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,660 PRO
edited February 2017 in General
Hi folks.

I like the idea of Onshape's new(ish) quick access toolbar.

For those that've not used it it's a clever little context sensetive toolbar that appears next to your cursor if you press "S" on your keyboard, like so:-

Now it bugged me a bit that I couldn't activate it with a mouse button.  If you're gonna reach all the way over to the keyboard (first world problems) then you might as well just press the keyboard shortcut for the action you want, not for the toolbar that then requires another click...

So in a very un-British way I decided to do something about it, rather than just winge about it.

So for roughly £8 ($10) this was delivered:-

It's not the best mouse in the world, but as this PC had a pretty cheap mouse anyway worth a punt.  Upshot is a mouse with one side button set to access said toolbar, and the other set to "View Normal To".

I highly reccomend it.  The downside downside being you'll probably end up wanting one for every machine in the company...

(At the risk of being patronising, should you chose to do the same make sure the mouse is programmable and that you can set the buttons to do what you want.)


Owen.  (Off to find something else to winge about, otherwise I'll never be happy.) :)
Business Systems and Configuration Controller
HWM-Water Ltd
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