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Somethings I noticed

simon_stamsimon_stam Member Posts: 1
Finally got around to designing something in Onshape and here are my initial thoughts on what I missed (I usually work in solidworks).

I could not find either the collinear or symmetry constraints. Also I miss the feature that lets you right click a line and choose the "mid point selection".

When in a part studio I noticed you have the "isolate" feature to have only one part in view, is there any chance you could also have a hide option, as I have to click on the part to identify which one it is and then turn the visibility off in the tree. (Just noticed this is now a feature!)

And i did read the section on dimensions and global variables so i will not complain about that but any chance you could make a feature that when you click a dimension when you are editing another one it links the two of them automatically, something i remember from Inventor many years ago.

Working in Onshape wasn't hard to transition too which i think is a sign of a good product, keep up the good work. 


  • andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭
    Collinear turns out to be redundant: use coincident

    I too miss the symmetry constraint. In Solidworks, it can be used not just to position two elements across a (fixed) line of symmetry, but serves the rather more powerful purpose of inferring the line of symmetry between two (fixed) elements. In other words, the tool is bi-modal, in a very elegant and simple way.

    A reasonably trivial use is to find the bisector between two lines, but there are some situations where it neatly avoids the need for extra dimensions, construction geometry, or both.

    (I use "fixed" here in the sense of constrained by any means.)
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