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Edit an Assembly / In-Context across multiple parts

SunkmailSunkmail Member Posts: 20 ✭✭✭
I'm not even sure how to ask this question - sorry ....      I'm Still getting the hang of OS, and I've stumped myself.

I'm trying out making some 'base parts' to assemble into a larger item (assembly?), then edit that group using other entities.

Here is my little project - a workbench made from cut down & glued up 2x4's.
                   (I think I shared this right - let me know if I didn't)

My project is organised like this: 

-- Workbench             (Assembly - How I want the final project to look)
-- Table Top Assy       (Assembly - Just the Table Top portion, assembled - no legs)

-- Table Top Folder
    |-- Top Laminate Section     (Assembly - How I plan to glue up a section of the top)
    |-- Top Laminate Full Side   (Assembly - A full side of the top, using the 'Section' and a few individual parts)
    |-- Apron / Wellboard Assy  (Assembly - using parts from the parts folder - I need to make 3 of these)

-- Parts Folder
    |--  2x4s Squared   (Part Studio - the 4 basic shapes I have to work with - for the table top portion)
    |--  Base Parts       (Part Studio - the shapes I will use for making the 2 base sections)
    |--  Envelope          (Part Studio - The overall size i'm looking for ... kinda a layout sketch, but I didn't reference anything to it)

So, here is where I'm running into problems ....

1) I have 3x "Apron / Wellboard Assy" 
         - They need to have additional things done to them, as an assembled piece.   The additional 'machining' isn't the same for all of them.
         - The 'machining' is in relation to the base (legs) of the final product - but I want to have it related, like an in-context, in case I move the legs.

    &   Very similar problem - probably the same solution
2)     On one of the bases, I have a bit sticking out further than I want it for the top, but I want to start with the same piece as used on the bottom, but cut it flush with the leg post before adding the top.

I've got the final "Workbench" assembled pretty much how I envision the final product, but there are several relief notches / cutouts, whatever that aren't included.

I thought I may be able to do something like a derived part, but for an assembly, where I could make changes after insertion, without changing the original pieces.  I can't seem to do this.

Perhaps using assemblies wasn't the way to go, since nothing moves, but it did seem the way to go since I was using several instances of the same base parts.

I'm pretty sure I just need to get my head wrapped around something in the process, but it's not clicking where and how to do it.

Thanks for the help!

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    SunkmailSunkmail Member Posts: 20 ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys.

    With your help, I was able to move forward with my design ... But this seems like this can't be the easiest way to achieve the results.

    Can someone point me to an example or tutorial that shows a better implementation?    Or even better ... Take a copy of mine and re-jigger it?
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