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Building a model using variables

mladen_sudarmladen_sudar Member Posts: 3
Can model be created with variables A,B,C,D... and that variables to be controlled with like excel spreadsheet or similar? And then going through rows model will adjust? Is this possible and if Yes can You explain how?


  • mbattistellombattistello Member, Developers Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Are you looking for Part Table/Variant model? For example creating a single bolt model and then driving the versions of it using a spreadsheet where you input different values for different dimensions?

    So far Onshape doesnt have this capability. There has been discussion on it and I think there are requests for it.

    Ive played around with this concept also using the APIs. Even if you use the API to replicate this functionality the other issue you run into is how you manage the different variants of the model/part.

    One approach is to have a single part studio tab and snap a version for each variant. This allows you to maintain some integrity in assemblies that use the variant. If you needed to modify the variant then you can snap a new version and your assembly will then show that there is an update. I believe this is the recommended Onshape approach.

    Another approach is to replicate the variants into other part studio tabs. Either as a "dumb" part, basically change the master part->export it to parasolid->import it to new part studio, or clone the master part studio into another part studio and modify the params there. Both approaches dont support some of the fundamental paradigms like versions in Onshape but I think if you have an existing part you are just trying to get in Onshape, bolt/orings/nuts/etc, then it might be ok to build out a library.

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