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What does NO_ERROR mean?

kendall_freykendall_frey Member Posts: 2
I'm trying to use skEllipticalArc in a feature, but every time I give it a center that is not the origin (0,0) it produces NO_ERROR and doesn't create the arc.

Here is the simplest code that reproduces it:
FeatureScript 581;import(path : "onshape/std/geometry.fs", version : "581.0");
Is this a bug? How can I create an arc where the center is somewhere other than the origin?


  • emmett_weeksemmett_weeks Onshape Employees Posts: 26
    edited May 2017
    It turns out that this is a bug. When sketching interactively, none of the arguments to skEllipticalArc are used, so I never noticed that one of them doesn't work properly. As a temporary workaround, it's possible to use skSetInitialGuess. skSetInitialGuess takes in a sketch and a map of sketch entity ids to arrays. This is used to place those entities in the sketch. Using it would look something like this.
            var sketch = newSketch(context, id + "sketch1", {
                    "sketchPlane" : qCreatedBy(makeId("Top"), EntityType.FACE)
            const initialGuess = { "ellipticalArc" : [2, 0, sqrt(2) / 2, sqrt(2) / 2, 1, 0.5, 0, 3] };
            skEllipticalArc(sketch, "ellipticalArc", { });
            skSetInitialGuess(sketch, initialGuess);
    The initial guess data for an elliptical arc is in this format: [center x, center y, major axis x, major axis y, major radius, minor radius, start parameter, end parameter] All distances are in meters, the parameter's domain is [0, 2 pi], and the major axis will not be normalized for you unlike with the skEllipticalArc function.
  • john_f_carrjohn_f_carr Onshape Employees Posts: 74
    The fix for this went out in our last update.  Like many fixes, it only affects new and upgraded Part Studios.
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