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Not sure how to map a 2d point from 3d objects (even possible?)

fredrik_tärnellfredrik_tärnell Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
Not sure how to best put this question so a picture might help

I have a 2d-shape in the form of an o-ring profile I want to cut-out from my 3d part. (The lofting is not the issue)
Trying to make it parametric (which is mostly working). But when I change the diameter of my 3d part I have issue getting the o-ring profile to "follow along".
Maybe I should align it against the center (left) and make a long calculation of the correct position. Quite difficult due to the circumstance.
Would rather create a dependency on another plane (which is perpendicular to the on where i'm making the o-ring profile), possible??

I would like the blue X to attach to the red X (which is a point in the other plane)

Not sure how to put the question using onshape termonology.

Really big thanks in advance!

This is how it should look when it's working. The track following (lofted) along the path using my o-ring-shape.
Not sure why I need to have the shape placed close to the loft-path. 

This is the error I'm getting.


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