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Help with Onshape assembly tools (Trebuchet project)

devin_maynarddevin_maynard Member Posts: 4
edited May 2017 in Community Support

i'm working on a quick sketch for a floating arm trebuchet i'm making in an engineering class and need help selecting and using the correct mate tool in the on shape assembly tool. i need the axle on the end of the throwing arm to slide up and down within the rectangular slot running up and down the center of the main truss. here is a link to my Onshape document for reference, any help is greatly appreciated https://cad.onshape.com/documents/f0f670cc3201ce04f987ae1a/w/723209b2cfa2750e2fb9c9cd/e/d8732549292a58fa44415b73


    • paul_brittonpaul_britton Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
      The vertical axle motion in the frame would be a 'Pin and slot Mate' as I see you have done but with Xmax limit set to 19in.

      Not sure about the roller on the arm with the frame though.... it is a kind of intermittent Tangent Mate, but I don't know how you model this....
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