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Extraneous surface-like appendages in a part?

brooks_talleybrooks_talley Member Posts: 27
I've got a document that I'm 99% sure has suffered some kind of tech issue. Document: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/f7a9c09734b048d4f4637d6a/w/df7c8ef7fa0227e0adc81c99/e/0f7341c28e357814b55e309b

I've stripped it down to be just derived parts, a sketch that uses that a derived part, and a simple blind extrude. The result is... unexpected:

The twisting loft-ish thing does look like something I was experimenting with in an earlier version of the document. But I can't see any reason that it should appear now. If I target one of those appendages with "delete surface", it immediately says "missing feature."

I can recreate the part studio easily enough, but figured I'd ask in case there's an easy fix or if there's any value to Onshape in having the misbehaving document.

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    lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 695
    Are you still seeing this issue ? i've just opened your document and it looks fine. I suspect that the issue was caused by some runtime data being processed incorrectly and got "repaired" by closing and opening the document.  If you still see the problem, please let support know, we might need to clear the cache for this document.
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