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What kind of properties do you use in your parts and assemblies?

emagdalenaC2CemagdalenaC2C Member, Developers Posts: 404 ✭✭✭✭
Hereunder you can see a list of common properties for parts and assemblies (sorted in any way). Please, tell me wich ones you use
  1. Finish
  2. IsStorable
  3. AprovedEngineering
  4. ApprovedProduction
  5. Category
  6. Color
  7. IsCommercial
  8. ManufacturingCost
  9. MaterialCost
  10. TotalCost
  11. Description
  12. DrawnBy
  13. SaveInERP
  14. Thickness
  15. State
  16. Manufacturer
  17. DateUpdatedCosts
  18. DateAprovedEngineering
  19. DateApprovedProduction
  20. DateDrawn
  21. MaintenanceRequired
  22. Material
  23. Name
  24. Standard
  25. Weight
  26. ManufacturingProcess
  27. Treatment
  28. Provider
  29. PartNumber
  30. OldPartNumber
  31. ManufacturerReference
  32. ProviderReference
  33. SubCategory
  34. ReplacedById
  35. ReplacesId
  36. CostUnit
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