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Mate to use for a Cam

ShepRCSShepRCS Member Posts: 9
Hi All

I've built Combers Rotary engine which uses a Cam to create rotary motion.  It appears circular although it is not quite.

I don't think that there is a Mate/Relation I can apply that will make the engine actually work when I spin the shaft?  It would be a mate between the bearing and the cam ring or a relation between the piston and the model  like a rack and pinion but it needs to go up for 180deg and down for the rest.  Anyone with any ideas on this?

Here is a link to the model I hope (just copied the address bar from the model which I have made public)


Best Answer


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    ShepRCSShepRCS Member Posts: 9
    Thanks @Andrew_Troup I hadn't seen that thread.  Answers my question perfectly.  Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing an obscure use of something we already had!

    Waiting on Cam Mate then!

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    kesava_prasad_t_dkesava_prasad_t_d OS Professional Posts: 9 ✭✭
    Eagerly awaiting a cam/path mate from OnShape.
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    Stuart_TodStuart_Tod Member Posts: 56 PRO
    @richard_55 , @kesava_prasad_t_d ,

    There is a post in the Improvement Request section for completion of the Mates Suite, including Cam. Head on over there and vote it up!

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