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noob Assembly alignment question

chenken_lupichenken_lupi Member Posts: 7

I'm trying to align 4 cylinder sleeves into a 75 degree V.  Do I need to create the block, or can I locate these in "free space"


Best Answers


  • chenken_lupichenken_lupi Member Posts: 7
    edited May 2015
    Okay, I had to add a disk to get the part to show up in the list, and with a pair of mates on the line ends in their proper position.  As a side-note I found the masturbate function so I'll never get too bored here anymore.
    Another question, I had not much difficulty with the lines, but could only draw on one of the three planes...  Is there a way to move the face of say front, so I can get my second pair of cylinders???
  • rbaekrbaek Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 77

    I'm trying to align 4 cylinder sleeves into a 75 degree V.  Do I need to create the block, or can I locate these in "free space"


    For assembly alignment, you can simply create a mate connector on the face of it and toggle the move checkbox, which will allow you to rotate the mate connector at any angle you please. You can then mate your parts together.
  • chenken_lupichenken_lupi Member Posts: 7

    I now have the cylinder sleeves in their proper position.  However, my Crank and Cylinder arrangement are now in different work-spaces.  I copied the documents, but don't know how to combine the documents, or import export assemblies & parts...

    Cylinder Mate, and many parts are currently public
  • r_paulr_paul Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    You will use the insert command, assembly constraints and an assembly tab(s) to combine your components into sub and full assemblies. Your on the right track already with your crank.
    It might be a little easier (for others to help) if you view some of the videos and tutorials, on assemblies, available. They are quite good, short and succinct.
    The link below might be a good place to start
  • chenken_lupichenken_lupi Member Posts: 7
    I just remade all my parts...

    By the way, I'm generally F'd up getting it all together it's just a pile of randomly mated circular based objects...
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