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[noob inside] how to make a glass ?

I've already tried to ask this question, sorry if it duplicates.

I try to make a kind of glass : a cylinder with a bottom, all of this with a bit of width.

I start by making a disk, then I offset to determine the width of my wall, then I extrude my wall... and I don't manage to make a bottom. I would like to extrude the initial disk just a few millimeter, but I don't manage to select the disk : wherever I click, I select the disk *with the hole*. I tried to change the order I made thing (disk, extrude, and then offset) but same result.

I am sorry to ask this question because this is probably obvious to all of you, but I can't see it.

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    sylvain_henrisylvain_henri Member Posts: 2
    Many thanks to all of you for your different solution, I learned a lot with just this :).
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